Option C - Energy

Great resources:

Richard Thornley video series for Option C: Richard Thornley rocks!

C.3: E=mc2 Fallacies (Especially check out Fallacy #5)
Taken from www.circlon-theory.com/HTML/EmcFallacies.html

Some practice balancing nuclear equations (interactive MC format): Science Geek Nuclear Equation Practice

Comprehensive & well-organized website with tutorial videos (MSJ Chem): http://www.msjchem.com/sl-option-c.html

World Nuclear Association website: http://www.world-nuclear.org/information-library/nuclear-fuel-cycle/introduction/what-is-uranium-how-does-it-work.aspx

UK Text on Energy Option:
found at

Bozeman Science video on emission & absorption spectra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uPyq63aRvg

POSSIBLE IA TOPIC: Nevada (Las Vegas) is home to the National Atomic Testing Museum. At UNLV, the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project includes transcripts from key personnel such as Ernie Williams (who, as of 2 years ago, was a regular Friday volunteer at the Museum and responded to emailed correspondence relatively enthusiastically). Stockpile stewardship is an ongoing process and very experimental in nature; we know nothing about the "shelf life" of our nuclear arsenal; unlike "black powder," we simply do not have the historical data to know much of anything. (Ms. Clewett may be able to grant access to a Geiger counter and samples--slightly old--of Sr-90 and Po-210. Tests may be conducted on barrier effectiveness, effect of distance on reducing radiation, etc. Half life data may perhaps be gleaned if student wished to take measurements every month for several months...)

Greenhouse gas info from "non-IB-ified yet thorough and interesting" source: