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Textbook questions!
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Student Notes & Recommendations
Cashlynn Recommendations (talk to her for notes, other details):
Krysti Recommendations & Notes:

Videos worth watching:

Bozeman Science - really well done videos (perhaps my favorite)
BE SURE YOU WATCH TEMPERATURE (video 46)--simply excellent!!:
(Designed for AP, but temperature is temperature, and energy is energy, and fabulous explanations are fabulous explanations.)

Crash Course Chemistry: (Energy & Chemistry)
(Super engaging, detailed & complete explanations)
Subsequent videos include: (Enthalpy) (Calorimetry) (Entropy - "Embrace the chaos!")

Richard Thornley on Topic 5:
(I appreciate how clearly he indicates which videos are HL topics.)

MSJ Chem videos as collected by IB Chem Ninja:

Online text-like resources:

IB Chem Ninja: